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Extra Kamai – Sab banenge Crorepati

  • Extra Kamai itself says an additional income, which you earn in your spare time,here we have brought few opportunities to gain extra income.

    Opportunities always knocks the door but we who don’t accept it, and the opportunity goes to other person, an opportunity helps those who accepts it. Somewhere someone has to think differently and take different steps to do different things may be this day or this opportunity for you to become rich really fast, because with our regular routine we earn that much only which we are getting now. So think differently and earn huge.

    Belief is very important first believe in you and then believe in us we assure you a great future ahead. Now a days success is counted with how much you earn and earning, no one likes a poor person even though he is really a honest, hard working etc.

    Taking birth in poor family is not a crime but dyeing in poor family is. The real fact of this modern time is money. No values no morals no ethics nothing can work out in absence of money with money everything can be achieved and everything is easy with it.

    It is a passion for everyone to become rich everyone wants to become rich and gain name & fame.

    Here you are your own boss, you will only decide what income you need to get, very flexible plans are offered by us.

    After a long study and observation of market such a lucrative and simple opportunities are brought for you.

There are few special features brought for the first time by extra Kamai:

  • Equal income for all who joins.
  • Auto fill system for new joiners.
  • Power joining facility for all who really wants to earn very fast and huge income.
  • Unlimited joinings.
  • Earning freedom.
  • Very simple plan.
  • Only a single level plan.
  • We believe in simple and effective work.
  • Early withdrawal is also possible.
  • We guarantee your money.
  • We are always with you at any stage.

Most of the people are really works hard and struggles to fulfill their basic needs after doing such hard job also not getting sufficient money to run the show smoothly.

Come see the plans, understand it and join, earn as huge as you want to be. See below scope of earnings of each plans.

“As you think as you get”, so think huge and you will get huge.

Come on lets make India a Sone Ki Chidiya once again.

Happy earnings.

About us

This is the story of innovation, of dreaming beyond the ordinary for the community, the greatest wealth is people. We are here to shorten the gap between rich and poor. Rich are becoming rich day by day and the poor are becoming poor and poor.

We believe in smart work not hard work, we always help those who really in need by any means by every way possible, but looking at current scenario of modern world itis essential that everyone needs money for each and every reason, money is an important factor. We have designed some lucrative plans which will help everyone to earn extra in his/ her spare time. To earn really good income in your spare time is our motto so become smart and earn as per your wish here you are your own boss.


To help the people by providing simplest and effective opportunities who wants to become rich and earn more money in their spare time in a right and proper way, also live a life of economical freedom on own terms.

Come on let’s make India a Sone Ki Chidiya once again.


To help every person to become karodpati who joins extra kamai in a very simplest and effective way.

Make the company in global presence to make everyone rich.

Special Features

  • We have designed a unique plan which provides same income for all.
  • Auto fill system which will help an individual to get his plan complete early.
  • Same income for all.
  • Unlimited joining - one can make deposit/s and can join by any number of joinings, here your identity will be your registration number not your name.
  • Unlimited joining means unlimited income so plan your own income.
  • Now start early to reach early.
  • No other company offers this facility.
  • A unique plan which offers 50% amount on your deposits plus your deposit after completion/ maturity of your plan.
  • Early withdrawal is also possible one can withdraw his deposits at any time, no questions will be asked to him by company.
  • Only 50% of the contribution will be refunded, all contributors should note this point.
  • Yearly closure will be done of pyramids, it will closed during financial year end last date will be informed well in advance in that case only 50% of the contribution would be credited in depositors account whose plan didn’t get completed/ matured. This people will be given preference for joining in the next year plan at top so they can earn money fast.
  • Every year new plan in same category will be launched. So new year new plan which means make money more faster.
  • This type of closure is not yet done by any other company so far.


  • Join the company with minimal contribution of Rs.1000/- only, once you join bring (5) Five contributors under you with same contribution as soon as you complete the joining formality of five contributors your plan gets matured and you will get 50% extra on your contribution plus your contribution also To bring only five contributors under you and that’s it your plan will get completed/ matured.

  • Very unique and simple plan.
  • Same/ equal income for all.
  • Easy plan to complete.
  • Autofill helps you to complete your plan early.


We guarantee 50% returns on your deposit when plan completes.
Money can be deposited in your bank account within 72 hours after completion of plan.
A dream income in a short span of time.

Early withdrawal - Money Back Guarantee:

  • Anyone can withdraw his/her deposits at any time if don’t wants to continue their plans.
  • Here we provide the facility to withdraw your valuable money if you don’t want to continue.
  • No questions will be asked for early withdrawal.
  • Believe us your deposits are secured with us.
  • We guarantee 50% of your deposit would be transferred in your bank account in case of early withdrawal.

Our Bankers

Name: ADS Associates
Bank name: ICICI Bank
Account No. : 002205004298
IFSC Code: ICIC0000022